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Patrick's love of armouring started early in life as he was living abroad in Europe. While taking in the local sites and museums, the displays of armour in particular held a fascination for him. The idea that such intricate work was done with such primitive tools struck a chord within him and soon became an obsession. Patrick traveled across Europe and the U.S. visiting more than 32 museums and talking to many curators in an attempt to sate this thirst for understanding. His genuine interest and rapidly accumulating knowledge opened many doors for him and allowed him to handle and closely examine multiple original pieces.

In 1997 Patrick apprenticed himself to an armourer in Heidelberg, Germany where he studied the basics of armoring techniques for several months before his own natural talent pushed him to surpass even his teacher. The skills he had acquired were added to as he traveled the globe, discovering new techniques and ideologies by working with a broad range of metalworkers including Blacksmiths, Thai Silversmiths and even Turkish metalsmiths. These skilled craftsmen gave Patrick a variety of insights and experiences that are a rare find in the cookie-cutter education of todays average metalworker. Patrick has been making and producing armour professionally since 2001, working first out of his garage, his work quickly began to speak for itself and he became known for his speedy delivery and masterful craftsmanship. Now the sole proprietor of his own shop, Patrick continues to seek out new ideas and techniques to supplement his always broadening range of skills.

Patrick in Thailand '02

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